Mara Risitano and Matteo Mo are the artistic directors of the Festival and of the Permanent Artistic LAB, “Sabaoth International Performing Arts Lab”. They are the founders of S139 artistic movement and both Milan’s Academy Dé Filodrammatici graduates after having trained with important representatives of contemporary theater.

Their life has been deeply influenced by the Christian faith and its strong ethical content that become the first source of inspiration of their creative process “by being presenters of a new art and desiring to have more and more people come to know it” (PRESS).

They are focused primarily on three key areas: the realization of performances, shows and videos which are the manifesto of the new movement they have created under the name “EST-ETICA”; a new pedagogy in theatre and performance art teaching that requires numerous courses held in Italy and abroad with a strong therapeutic and formative focus (their next book “L’Umano Rivestito: per una nuova tecnica attorale” [Humanity Re-dressed: a new acting method] will be published soon); and finally they are involved as cultural promoters of  campaigns to raise awareness and  synthesis about new cultural significance of Christian art project of “EST-ETICA: interviews beyond the boundaries of the known”, and here one can see their dedication in interviewing artists who have impressively contributed to the enrichment of Italian culture (visit the blog inside their site).

To see in detail their résumés and information about the various above mentioned festival’s projects visit the website