Come Back Home

This work is the staging of the parable of the prodigal son from the personal experience of the performers who will be the stars. It captures the scream of unconditional love of God who wants to love and return to the condition of the child’s heart. On the other hand there is a desire illusory and defensive all human independence and autonomy from the divine.

In this journey in stages every performer will lay bare its own contradictions and difficulties along the way back to the embrace of the Father powerful. The awareness of its inherent need for God and the courageous choice to discover and no longer cover their fragility, are the true beginning of this journey.

Performance in stages

By and with Ensemble S139:
Antonella Voltan, Marilena Conti, Marco Carpinello, Paola Vaccarone, Sharon Costanza, Raffaele Gazzillo, Carmen Tedeschi, Graziella Saladino, Dario Di Carne, Rossana Malaspina, Monica Santangelo.

Design project:
Mara Risitano

Artistic supervision:
Matteo Mo E Mara Risitano