Theatrical Performance

APRIL 14th, 2016 h 09:00pm to 11:30pm
APRIL 16th, 2016 h 09:45pm to 11:30pm

SPAZIO C.A.M. Garibaldi 27 – MILAN


In the sharing of a last supper with those who most closely followed him, Jesus performed the profound changes the meaning of life.
What led this event so radical?
The performance of ‘The Last Supper’ deals vacate the voices of the night so imposing, so shocking.
The performance will be repeated continuously growing over 15 minutes for groups.

Theatrical Performance

Directed by: MATTEO MO
Sound carpet: Davide Costanza

by and with Ensemble S139:
Marco Carpinello – Sharon Costanza – Dario Di Carne – Rita Escobar – Raffaele Gazzillo – Fabiana Isacco Rossana Malaspina – Graziella Saladino – SaraStella corigliano – Carmen Tedeschi – Chiara Tumminello Paola Vaccarone

Sensory Conference

APRIL 15th 2016 h 09:00pm

Sabaoth Theatre – Via Rosalba Carriera 11 – MILANO


Through the vision of some famous “dinners” filmic, a quick glance at the Leonardo painting, listening to the reading of the Gospels interpreted songs about the famous dinner and trying to “taste” realistically what should be the status of that special evening menu. We’ll try to get to the heart of the amazing sharing that Christ performed with her, but that really was addressing the whole of humanity!

Sensory Conference

Speaker Matteo Mo
Gospels played by Mara Risitano
Food tastings Nicola Compare
Sounds Raffaele Gazzillo


APRIL 14th 15th 16tn 2016 h 03:30pm – 09:00pm

Piazza San Carlo MILANO


Power Street, a theater show, circus, pirofagia very fun, exciting, suitable for adults and children.


Will participate in a special guest!


Scegli Gesù

Promo SIPAF 2016

The “Sabaoth International Performing Arts” Festival (SIPAF) was born with the purpose of promoting all performance arts who convey the ethical principles of the Christian faith, of which they want to portray the endless creative expression of beauty and the powerful transforming impact they have had on the lives of those who embrace them. It will also host workshops, round table discussions and encourage the artistic partnerships that will diffuse this cultural movement, which has come to life in the hearts of artists who have been renewed and transformed by their encounter with the extraordinary nature of biblical content.

Mara Risitano and Matteo Mo are the artistic directors of the Festival and of the Permanent Artistic LAB, “Sabaoth International Performing Arts Lab”. They are the founders of S139 artistic movement and both Milan’s Academy Dé Filodrammatici graduates after having trained with important representatives of contemporary theater.

Their life has been deeply influenced by the Christian faith and its strong ethical content that become the first source of inspiration of their creative process “by being presenters of a new art and desiring to have more and more people come to know it” (PRESS).

They are focused primarily on three key areas: the realization of performances, shows and videos which are the manifesto of the new movement they have created under the name “EST-ETICA”; a new pedagogy in theatre and performance art teaching that requires numerous courses held in Italy and abroad with a strong therapeutic and formative focus (their next book “L’Umano Rivestito: per una nuova tecnica attorale” [Humanity Re-dressed: a new acting method] will be published soon); and finally they are involved as cultural promoters of  campaigns to raise awareness and  synthesis about new cultural significance of Christian art project of “EST-ETICA: interviews beyond the boundaries of the known”, and here one can see their dedication in interviewing artists who have impressively contributed to the enrichment of Italian culture (visit the blog inside their site).

To see in detail their résumés and information about the various above mentioned festival’s projects visit the website

Read and carefully fill each section in order to participate in the Festival.

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Art changes the world one person at a time.

- Alfredo Jaar

You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul.

- George Bernard Shaw

In order to create a continual artistic experience, after the first edition of the festival in 2014, the Sabaoth International Performing Arts Festival Project (SIPAF-Project) was created. It has as its goal to bring the issues and creative events of festival in the cities where we will be invited, with the important contribution of performances which are created by performative S139 groups present in the hosting cities. The aim is to give voice to this new artistic ferment.

These were the first two stages in Italy: 

Liguria    –    Sicilia